Senior Manager

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job: The purpose of the position will be to provide a dynamic and creative team support to ensure Afghanistan Holding Group achieves its vision, mission, aims, and objectives. The Senior Manager is responsible for the management of the overall marketing activities and growing the business interests of AHG. In particular, the Senior Manager assists in the provision of marketing and promotional services that can help AHG in developing its current products and services and expanding its market share. The Senior Manager is also responsible for assisting in the development of a concrete sales and marketing plan that can be implemented to promote AHG’s products and services.


  • Understand and promote all AHG products and services

  • Assist in the development and implementation of a marketing strategy that promotes the products and services of AHG

  • Assist in the development and implementation of marketing plans designed to build relationships with current clients and bring new relationships into the company

  • Attend all such events where AHG’s products and services can be displayed for promotional purposes to attract new clients

  • Ensure that all marketing materials are in a consistent style and theme and have the right logo and information, focussing on AHG branding

  • Cooperate with other divisions to generate new business and deepen customer relationships

  • Add value to AHG by contributing to the strategic decision-making of AHG by providing new perspectives and examining alternative strategies

  • Assist in development and promotion of a climate for professional, technical and business growth

  • Provide creative and dynamic leadership to the marketing team

  • Strategically “position” and “promote” AHG in Afghanistan in order to build and maintain its credibility with Government, the donor community, private sector companies and other key stakeholders

  • Answer any inquiries from external and internal customers concerning AHG’s products & services

  • Be Responsible for all HesabPay marketing, sales, and distribution.
  • Other related duties as assigned by the management

Professional Conduct:

Act honestly in all the affairs of AHG and avoid conflict of interest and, should this arise, it must be declared. 

Key Result Areas:

  • Focus on building and growing AHG’ business interests by taking a customer-focused approach.

  • Management of conflict of interests as set out in AHG Employee Handbook.


    • Tertiary qualifications in a field of relevance with undergraduate qualification required.

    • Degree in Marketing is preferred.


    • 4 Year of relevant experience in Sales and Marketing

    • Demonstrated high-level experience in creating an enabling environment to facilitate product and service promotion

    • Demonstrated high-level leadership experience.

    • Demonstrated experience analyzing data

    • Demonstrated experience running large scope projects with cross-over departments and large teams

    • Demonstrated high-level experience in development and implementation of marketing plans.

    • Demonstrated high-level breadth of experience in financial, people and operational management.

    • Demonstrated high-level experience in developing and maintaining effective work relationships.


    • Knowledge of market research practices and techniques

    • Knowledgeable on principles, practices, and techniques of marketing strategies

    • Knowledge of social media platforms

    • Demonstrated understanding of marketing strategies and plans

    • Knowledge of market research practices and techniques

    • Knowledgeable on principles, practices, and techniques of marketing strategies

    • Demonstrated knowledge of implementing new plans, processes, and procedures that can assist in product and service promotion

    • Ability to communicate effectively in both local languages as well as a strong command over the English language.

    • Demonstrated knowledge of customer relations

    Personal Skills and Abilities:

    • ’Self-starter’ mentality with strong personal motivation, enthusiasm, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.

    • Exceptional interpersonal communication, relationship building and networking skills.

    • Demonstrated leadership skills and a supportive management style.

    • Ability to communicate with persons of various cultures and disciplines.

    • Excellent written communication skills.

    • Ability to work in a dynamic and responsive environment.

    • Ability to work under pressure and respond to multiple tasks.

    • Ability to give solution-oriented advice and assistance to staff, clients and stakeholders.

    • High-level negotiation skills and ability to manage conflict.

    • Skills in problem identification and resolution.

    • Ability to allocate and review priorities and meet deadlines.

    • Ability to work in a team environment.

    • Professional presentation and approach.

Contract Type:

Long Term 




As per the NTA Salary Scale

Employment type:

Full Time

No of Jobs: