Security Reform - Technical Specialist

Kabul, Afghanistan

Project Background: Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Canada’s department responsible for Canada’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) programming in Afghanistan, has contracted Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG) to implement the Field Support Services Project (FSSP). The FSSP aims to enhance the delivery of Canada’s ODA in Afghanistan that includes, but is not limited to, support for administrative, financial, logistics, communications, procurement of goods and services and providing technical expertise, as well as support to Local Development Initiatives and services on an as-required basis. FSSP and Global Affairs Canada are seeking a qualified Security Reform Technical Specialist (SR-TS), to provide expert and professional support to Global Affairs Canada. This support includes the provision of technical advice on Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan, as well as expertise on the UNDP Law and Order Trust Fund (LOTFA) project for Afghanistan. 

Job Summary 

The Technical Specialist will serve as the primary subject matter technical expert and provide advice and key inputs to Global Affairs Canada on issues related to governance, anti-corruption and LOTFA.  In doing so, the Technical Specialist

shall perform a wide variety of activities, some of which will require travel within Afghanistan.  These include but are not limited to the following:

Governance and Anti-Corruption

  • Update Global Affairs Canada on institutional reforms, legislation, and high profile cases of corruption

  • Assist in the preparation for high level meetings on anti-corruption

  • Advise on areas for advocacy and programming

  • As directed by Global Affairs Canada, engage with the AGO, ACC, UNAMA and other donors

  • Perform other assignments on as required basis.


·       Advise Global Affairs Canada on decisions presented to donors by UNDP and the MOIA

·       As directed by Global Affairs Canada, engage with MOIA, the Ministry of Finance, UNDP and other donors

·       Perform other assignments on as required basis.

In order to respect the consensus approach of donor governance of LOTFA, the Technical Specialist will report directly to Global Affairs Canada. Unless directed otherwise, the Technical Specialist will not directly engage with the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOIA) or UNDP senior management (i.e. Resident Representative, UNDP Regional Office, MPTF Office in New York).


Specific duties related to this role include:

1.   Provide professional advice/support in the development of project proposals, prepare analyses and conduct research studies related to security sector and programs, in the following areas: 

i.            Security sector infrastructure and operational capacity development 

·       Support the assessment of project proposals and related studies for new police and other civilian security sector infrastructure and enhancement of operations

·       Review and provide analysis on the integration of links between policing, civilian security services and the justice system in LOTFA and other related initiatives. 


ii.          Building community awareness and trust in the security sector 

·       Review project proposals and sector strategies to enhance community support of police and community engagement, with recommendations for:

o   Improved police response and referral mechanisms with a special focus on women and children;

o   community-based monitoring and oversight, as well as the corresponding levels of MOIA oversight;

o   enhanced communication and public outreach between the Government and communities, including options for citizen feedback mechanisms. 

iii.         Strengthening institutional capacities within the security sector 

·       Identify and advise on approaches to coordinate strategies and initiatives within the MOIA and involved entities including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Attorney General Office (AGO), Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA), office of the Voice President (VP) to improve access to law enforcement services for all Afghans, particularly vulnerable groups;

·       Review and provide analysis of strategies and initiatives to prevent and combat corruption and impunity within the security sector, including capacity development initiatives to enhance internal disciplinary and compliance mechanisms;


2.   Provide Technical Advice and Support on the Law & Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA)


i.            Review & provide comments on LOTFA reporting and documentation;

ii.           When possible, monitor the implementation of LOTFA-funded projects;

iii.          Attend LOTFA-related meetings, as needed.

3.   Tracking LOTFA Progress 

iv.         Advise on proposals for LOTFA projects and security sector reform strategies, presenting advice and inputs to Global Affairs Canada;

v.           Provide advice on strengthening institutional capacity to enhance effective security service delivery

vi.         Provide advice, and propose institutional development initiatives and activities to Global Affairs Canada, including support to civilianization, internal controls, transition to on-budget support and accountability mechanisms;

vii.        Participate in LOTFA meetings, as directed;

viii.       Monitor and report with analysis and recommendations on institutional developments of implicated Ministries and Departments of the Government of Afghanistan, including the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) and the Ministry of Finance;

ix.         Monitor and report with analysis and recommendations (where appropriate) on related developments for support to police in the Ministry of Finance, UNDP, the World Bank Group, and other implicated organizations.

The SR-TS, in consultation with the Global Affairs Canada LOTFA management team should develop a work plan for his/her services. The work plan will be reviewed by the LOTFA Management team based at the Embassy of Canada in Afghanistan. The work plan will be updated on a monthly basis according to priorities established by the designated Global Affairs Canada team based at the Canadian Embassy and at Headquarters. 


·       Master’s Degree, preferably in an area related to law, security sector reform, development or other relevant fields. A bachelor’s degree or professional qualification with a minimum of 5 years  of experience in the security sector preferably in senior command positions will be considered; 

·       Ability to work independently and part of a team;

·       At least 5 years of relevant experience in program/project development and implementation relating to police reform in developing or conflict-affected/fragile states at the national or international level;

·       Excellent coordination and communications skills including the ability to convince, convey and advocate;

·       Experience working on police reform in Afghanistan is a distinct advantage

·       Additional experience in other conflict regions is an advantage.



·       Excellent written and oral English and one of the local languages, Dari and/or Pashtu.

Contract Type:

Long Term



Probationary Period:

3 months

Job Location:

Kabul, Afghanistan