Re-Announced Advisor Regions CMS

Short summary of the job:  

Nationality: Local National (LN)

Base of Operations: Regional, Afghanistan

Required Clearance: VSS-A or other INL-approved vetting

Project Background

The Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) utilizes international and Afghan advisors to train and build capacity for Afghan officials within the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General’s Office, Supreme Court, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and other justice sector organizations. The project has over 341 local national positions, many of which are advisor positions located in Kabul and throughout the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG), has extensive experience working with justice sector institutions. AHG can call on a pool of 800 short-term consultants across all 34 provinces, which is critical to quickly filling vacancies and meeting technical and training needs that arise in JSSP. 

Job Requirements 

Duties: The CMS Advisor, Regions shall:

  •         Consult with Component Lead as well as international and Afghan advisors on developing the CMS

  •                  Train and mentor police officers, prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys regarding the CMS utilization and application

  •                 Develop lesson plans for training police officers, prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys

  •                 Collect bi-weekly reports on CMS developments

  •                 Meet with legal practitioners on CMS issues

  •                 Conduct assessments for project implementation

  •                 Conduct training needs assessments

  •                 Coordinate with legal and judicial institutions

  •                 Assist with the discovery, development, and implementation of CMS v2.0

  •                 Consistently meet the highest standards in delivery and timeliness of work products

  •                 Prepare timely information for JSSP reports, deliverables and success stories for activities and accomplishments on a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, or as otherwise assigned

  •                 Identify needs and propose recommendations for better CMS implementation

  •                 Rapidly respond to requests for information from JSSP Management, INL, and Tetra Tech

  •                 Perform other duties as assigned 


  •        Minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience and a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field

  •               Experience collaborating with Afghan government ministries and institutions

  •               Ability to develop and maintain relationships with cross-sectoral key stakeholders to ensure collaboration to meet project goals

  •              Demonstrated understanding of Afghan legal system

  •              Excellent oral and written communication skills

  •              Experience developing and implementing software and IT skills trainings

  •              Ability to travel to provinces

  •              Ability to work in a fast-paced, stressful environment  


Contract Duration:

Long Term

Employment Type:

Full Time


As per COMPANY salary scale 

Hiring For: