Managing Editor

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job: The Managing Editor will closely work with the Editors’ Board of BusinessDNA, guided by the Editor-in-Chief and supported by the Media Lead. 

About Business DNA 

 BusinessDNA is a media company owned by Moore Afghanistan (formerly known as Afghanistan Holding Group). BusinessDNA is Afghanistan’s grand business magazine and media company, bringing you entrepreneurial stories, business intelligence, economic research and analysis, investment opportunities, and management best practices in print and digital editions from the heart of Afghanistan in Kabul. Business DNA is your ultimate go-to source for data, information, and advice on doing business in the country. With a fan base of thousands of local and global readers, Business DNA is setting the narrative on business and economics in Afghanistan.


 . The Managing Editor will primarily work to:

      Prepare content for long term portfolio plans with the Editors’ Board and the Editor-in-Chief and implement the plan by developing and publishing quarterly editions. The process requires leadership and managerial skills to control schedules and enforce deadlines to collect content, edit and publish the magazine.

      Create and develop original and primary content such as articles, interviews, feature stories and researches that meet the editorial policy and quality standards of BusinessDNA.

      Connect, attend meetings and coordinate with the contributors of BusinessDNA to initiate, review, edit and finalize the content development process, constantly finalizing fresh and related content for the magazine, website, newsletter and social media.

      Select and assign topics to freelance journalists and contributors. This process requires an ability to provide comments and suggestions for written topics to authors, evaluate and finalize content for publication in print and online.

      Conduct interviews with successful entrepreneurs of Afghanistan, as well as other influential people, through a professional process of doing research, setting an appointment, developing a questionnaire, conducting the interview, transcribing the interview, and developing the story for publication.

      Carry out research initiatives about various business topics in collaboration with the Editors’ Board and Editor-in-Chief of BusinessDNA. The process requires strong research capabilities combined with excellent analytical skills to analyze and process collected data.

      Review, rewrite, revise, and finalize written articles, Op-Eds, research reports, interviews, and advertisement content based on BusinessDNA’s editorial policy to produce engaging, professional, and fun-to-read content for the magazine’s print, digital, and web platforms.

      Search for interesting business- and economic-focused as well as culture, life, and society-focused stories in Afghanistan and include in content outlines.

      Write articles, tips, and other content that are related to business, economy and management as part of the educational aspects of the magazine.

      Oversee editing and proofreading procedures to ensure the editions, website and social posters and contents follow policies, styles, copyright, disclaimers and other standards of BusinessDNA. Suggest titles, subtitles and captions for the online posts and magazine.

      Work with the BusinessDNA graphic designers to help convert written pieces into visual content that appeals to 21st-century readers.

      Develop newsletters and send magazine online versions to BusinessDNA online subscribers and readers.

      Work with the technology team in developing a dedicated mobile application and advanced website for BusinessDNA. 

      Contribute to Business DNA’s web and digital presence through publishing content online through the newly developed CMS (Content Management System) on www.businessdna.af.

      Develop short snippets from the 80-page content of BusinessDNA for social media channels of the magazine to help promote the social media platforms, web, digital and print versions of BusinessDNA.

      Provide content and plan for the social media and website analyst and ensure the quality and timely posting online.

      Help further develop BusinessDNA as the premier source of business intelligence in the country through working with the Editors’ Board and Editor-in-Chief of Business DNA.

      Any other assignments deemed necessary for the role to support the work of BusinessDNA and its parent company, Moore Afghanistan.



The Managing Editor should have an exceptional track record in areas of management, supervision, leadership, project planning, organizational structures, and client relations. He/she is expected to have the following education, skills and qualifications:

      At least a Bachelor’s degree in communication, business & economics, or any other relevant field. Master’s preferred

      Good knowledge and understanding of the Afghan political, economic and social context

      Strong English writing, reading, and speaking skills

      Good skills of writing, reading, and speaking in local languages

      Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

      Ability to develop effective networks and relationships with a broad range of current and potential clients

      Ability to work well in teams

      Ability to work under pressure and respond to multiple tasks

      Ability to allocate and review priorities, and meet deadlines

      Preferably 3-5 years of relevant experience


All Moore Afghanistan staff members are expected to develop a high level of professional competence as measured by a number of tangible as well as intangible qualities. To succeed at Moore Afghanistan, staff must develop leadership and teamwork skills and abilities. There are many descriptions of intangible qualities of leaders. The following list may serve as an example of the type of character we expect in the Managing Editor and which the Managing Editor should expect of the Senior Staff at Moore Afghanistan. These qualities should be fostered throughout the company in all staff. The Managing Editor plays a major role in setting the example for others, especially more junior staff.


Confidence: Confidence is the belief that you can, which leads to tenacity, but not arrogance. The confident leader recognizes his or her need to keep growing and learning. Does not know it all. A confident person listens to others intently and is not threatened by criticism. They are patient and they quietly but unambiguously counsel those needing it.


Courage: The Managing Editor should have courage in interpersonal relationships and in adherence to principle. Courage means following one’s convictions. It also means being able to change one’s mind—to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” and to admit that you and your organization is not perfect and never will be. The type of courage we need is that which helps us to keep learning and to place principle over expedience.


Savvy    : Savvy is a practical blend of knowledge and intelligence.  Pragmatic down-to-earth intelligence vital for leaders. This intelligence should be grounded in reality and theory, in empirical evidence as well as in abstractions. The Managing Editor should know what makes people tick. They should be aware of what they don’t know. They must stay in touch with people at the level where the work gets done.


Maturity: It is unacceptable to have temper tantrums or lose emotional control. Maturity means no raving and ranting and no abuse of other people. One must exercise control; make no snap judgments, and not show obstinacy. The mature person supports other staff in personal and professional development. Maturity is a must for supervisors.

Maturity is reasoned and reasonable behaviour targeted at the specific issue or individual; not impulsiveness, outbursts, or attacking the dignity of any employee at any level.


Integrity: (and honesty) Integrity means no shading of the truth, hiding the truth, or manufacturing facts to look good. These are cowardice. When employees see their superiors exercise dishonesty they follow suit. Effective communication relies on integrity. There can be no punishment for sharing bad news. A person with integrity does not feel threatened by others knowing what’s going on. The Managing Editor cannot treat knowledge as power.

Integrity and honesty can be taught from the top down by example, by teaching, and by insistence. Shading of truth or integrity violations could be grounds for dismissal.


Desire: The Managing Editor must desire to lead for the right reason. The right reason is to make life better for others, not oneself. This sustains the best leaders, and makes them go the extra mile. It is selflessness. A strong desire to make it better for others translates into extra effort and concern. It generates a can-do spirit. When leaders work only for the prestige, perks, and pay, they can’t resist the temptation to start enjoying them.

Contract Duration:

Long Term

Employment Type:

Full Time 

Reports To:



As per NTA Salary Scale

Hiring for:

Business DNA 

How to Apply:

To apply, attach your CV & a sample of your writing to your online application and submit it through our application system, with the subject “Editor 2020”.  The writing sample can be a thesis, a published article, a report, or any other writing of your own (in the English language as well as in Dari where available) that shows your writing skills. The recruitment is a continuous process, but Business DNA team will close the announcement once a qualified candidate is identified. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as they can.


Business DNA encourages equal opportunities for men and women. Recruitment is purely merit-based. Candidates interested in a long-term career in the business journalism are encouraged to apply.