Health Technical Specialist – Generalist

Kabul, Afghanistan

Project Background: Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Canada’s department responsible for Canada’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) programming in Afghanistan, has contracted Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG) to implement the Field Support Services Project (FSSP). The FSSP aims to enhance the delivery of Canada’s ODA in Afghanistan that includes, but is not limited to, support for administrative, financial, logistics, procurement of goods and services and providing technical expertise, as well as support to Local Development Initiatives and services on an as required basis. Canada’s commitment to Afghanistan for the period 2018 to 2020 is CAD270 million for programming related to women and girls’ rights and empowerment, health, education, and linking relief and recovery to development. Canada also provides separate financial support to support Afghanistan’s security sector.  

Job Summary: The Technical Specialist - Health Generalist will be responsible for bringing local knowledge and expertise on health to inform the planning, design, implementation, and monitoring of Global Affairs Canada’s development programming in Afghanistan in order to contribute to the success of Global Affairs Canada’s projects and programs in the health sector. 
Within the first two weeks of being contracted, the Technical Specialist - Health Generalist, in consultation with the Global Affairs Canada Health Team personnel, will develop a work plan for his/her services. The work plan will be reviewed and approved by the FSSP Project Manager and Global Affairs Canada’s designated counterpart based at the Embassy of Canada in Afghanistan. The work plan will be updated on monthly basis according to the priorities established by the Global Affairs Canada (Canadian Embassy and HQ-based) Health Team.


The duties and responsibilities of the Technical Specialist - Generalist Health are listed below, but may not be limited to:


·       Provide technical support, guidance, and advice for the planning, design, implementation, and monitoring of health sector projects supported by Global Affairs Canada; 

·       Coordinate and conduct field monitoring and site visits and prepare monitoring reports on Global Affairs Canada’s health sector projects in Afghanistan;

·       Attend meetings and other professional events related to Canada’s health programming with the Government of Afghanistan, as well as with international and local partner organizations and other donors;

·       Provide timely summary reports to Global Affairs Canada on outcomes of meetings and events; 

·       Conduct analyses and prepare documents on sector conditions, activities, plans and trends;

·       Gather information and prepare materials to support the Global Affairs Canada Afghanistan Program’s communications, stakeholder engagement, work planning and reporting activities related to the health sector;

·       Interact with operational and potential areas - Health Systems (including civil registration, vital statistics, and international health regulations) Health Service Delivery, Nutrition, Polio, Immunization, Medical Clinics (establishment/management), Community Based Health Facilities, Medical Professions (doctor, nurse, midwife), Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), Health Sector Reform, Health Sector Human Resources (training/management) and Health Sector Financing.

·       Provide technical support on issues related to basic health service needs (general health services, nutrition, and immunization) with special focus on women and girls (Sexual and Gender-Based Violence-SGBV, Child Early and Forced Marriage-CEFM, and service delivery) within the sector;

·       Collaborate and coordinate work, when required, with other Field Support Services Technical Specialists.

Support to Project and Program Planning

·       Provide technical  inputs for project and program planning;

·       Provide technical support to improve project implementation including tracking progress against deliverables, project work plan, and budget and develop project progress reports;

·       Conduct/support feasibility studies and needs assessments for project identification, planning, and design;

·       Provide technical  feedback on project plans, progress reports and approval documents;

·       Provide technical  support and required information for development and planning of project budgets;

·       Contribute to minimizing the environmental impacts of the projects in terms of activities undertaken and/or in terms of construction/rehabilitation/management of health facilities, medical waste, water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

Monitoring Services

·       Update and track project/program progress (activities, milestones, reporting) for health sector projects;

·       Develop a monitoring plan for Global Affairs Canada health sector programs in consultation with Global Affairs Canada personnel and project implementing partners;

·       Draft plans and terms of reference for site visits and monitoring missions in consultation with Global Affairs Canada personnel and project implementing partners;

·       Conduct field monitoring missions and site inspection visits to health sector project activities at the national, provincial and district levels;

·       Provide timely monitoring mission reports to Global Affairs Canada and, when requested by Global Affairs Canada, to vested stakeholders;

·       Monitor and summarize reports on government, donors, civil society, and development partner activities and trends in the health sector in Afghanistan ;

·       Monitor local Afghan print, online and social media and keep Global Affairs Canada personnel informed on matters related to health sector issues in Afghanistan;

·       Support, contribute and participate in the planning and delivery of the missions and field visits of Global Affairs Canada HQ personnel and consultants, as needed.

Support to Coordination and Stakeholder Engagement

·       Liaise and communicate with donors, NGOs, other development partners and the Government of Afghanistan with respect to health sector issues of interest to Global Affairs Canada by networking these stakeholders;

·       Participate in and summarize outcomes of government, donor, NGOs and other development partners’ meetings and seminars;

·       Draft quality reports on donor activities and trends in the health sector in Afghanistan;

·       Develop and maintain an up to date contact list of government, donors, Civil Society Organizations and project stakeholders working in the health sector;

·       Develop and maintain an up to date register of committees, work groups and other regular meetings comprising the government – donor – civil society coordination system and coordination committees working in the health sector in Afghanistan;

·       Facilitate roundtables and design and deliver training workshops on health issues;

·       Develop a detailed mapping of government, donor and partner development activities in the health sector in Afghanistan and draft a comprehensive report;

·       Develop a geographic mapping of Global Affairs Canada and other donor project activities in the health sector in Afghanistan;

·       Support, when tasked by Global Affairs Canada, Canada’s participation in the development coordination system in the health sector in Afghanistan;

·       Collaborate, as necessary, with other FSS Technical Specialists to address project and sector-specific issues related to health.


·       Collect, analyze and summarize surveys, and conduct studies and evaluations related to the health sector;

·       Provide technical inputs to support policy developments and briefing notes;

·       Review and summarize the changes and developments occurring in global and national policies and strategies related to the health sector;

·       Conduct institutional assessments of health sector organizations, as requested byGlobal Affairs Canada;

·       Collect health sector data (sex-disaggregated) and provide summaries of sector data and trends.

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

·       Provide technical input  and support for development of  communications plans and strategies;

·       Capture/collect data, information, and  high-quality images and photos related to health sector required for drafting/developing success stories, fact sheets, and brochures;

·       Collect/develop sector material to be used for the Canadian Embassy’s Twitter, Facebook, and Embassy website posts.

Project Management Support and Technical Assistance

·       Provide written summaries of key meetings for Global Affairs Canada personnel; 

·       Provide technical support to improve project implementation including tracking progress against deliverables, project work plan and budget, and  risk management;

·       Conduct technical analyses and review of project proposals, reports, and evaluations;

·       Provide technical inputs to help the design of the program risk management plan and project management documents

·       Participate in and report on Ministry of Public Health or similar evaluation or assessment boards which requiring representation from Canada;

·       Participate in project briefing/information workshops and familiarize him/herself with project and program scope and objectives; .

·       Participate, on request by Global Affairs Canada Health Sector team or Technical Authority, in project/program status and planning meetings;

·       Participate in status and planning meetings with the Global Affairs Canada Technical Lead for the Health sector.

              ·       Draft quality reports of meetings with the Embassy Development Assistance team, consultants and Global Affairs Canada technical team                            working for the Health sector.

Contract Management

·       In consultation with the Global Affairs Canada Health Team and Technical Authority, develop monthly and annual work plans and prioritize the activities on a quarterly basis over an annual period;  

·       Draft progress reports and update work plan on regular basis (monthly).

Place of Work

The Technical Specialist - Health Generalist will be based in Kabul and usually expected to work from the AHG FSSP Offices. She or he will be expected to attend meetings within Kabul at offices of the Canadian Embassy, other International Community members, project implementing partners and relevant ministries of the Government of Afghanistan. Work-related transportation, within Kabul, will be provided by the AHG FSS Office. This is excluding the commuting for pick and drop from home to office and vice versa, (female candidates are exempt). The Health Technical Specialist - Generalist will be required to conduct regular field visits, expected to average 10 to 15 days per quarter, to project sites either alone or in company of other FSSP Technical Specialists. Travel may include remote and potentially insecure areas throughout Afghanistan including in, but not limited to,- the provinces of Ghor, Badakhshan, Bamyan, Baghlan, Daikundi, Kandahar, Laghman, Wardak, Farah, Paktika, Nooristan, Kuanarha, Kunduz, Jawzjan, Sari-Pul, Faryab, Takhar and Nangarhar. Location of project activities are subject to change depending on security situation and future programming sites. For work outside Kabul, transportation, accommodation, meals and incidentals will be covered by the FSSP Office. For Technical Specialists who are female, when travel with a mahram is necessary, expenses for the mahram will be reimbursed.


Qualifications and Experience

·       Minimum Bachelor's in medical science (medicine, nursing or midwifery) and a minimum of five-years’ work experience in a health-related field; a Master’s degree in social science or applied science related discipline to the health sector is an asset; 

·       Experience/knowledge of Government of Afghanistan policies related to the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS), National Health Policy 2015-2020, National Health Strategy 2016-2020, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Nutrition Strategy, Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), Reproductive Maternal Newborn and Child Health (RMNACH) Strategy 2017-2021, role of different stakeholders and National Priority Program(s) (NPPs) sections addressing health issues;

·       Experience/knowledge of International Community (donor) health-sector policies and programs in Afghanistan;

·       Experience/knowledge of Government of Canada’s international development assistance policies and health-sector programs in Afghanistan will be an asset;

·       Capacity to design and deliver training workshops 

·       Experience and capacity in collecting the raw data from the field and draft quality reports in English;

·       Flexibility to attend meetings and/or events on short-notice; and,

·       Being fluent in English and, ideally, one of the local languages, Dari and/or Pashtu; working knowledge of French will be an asset.

General Skills

The incumbent should:

·       Have good communication skills in English (writing reports and briefings notes, oral presentations, speaking at meetings);

·       Have good analytical, management, financial, logistics (arranging meetings, visits), people management (interacting with senior officials – Afghan, Canadian, other foreign representatives, as well as peers within the FSSP) skills;

·       Have strong working knowledge of computer programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint);

·       Be willing to work extra hours or during statutory holidays, if required;

·       Have the ability to work independently, be detailed orientated, creative and self-starter; and,

·       Have sufficient knowledge of Afghan culture and local contexts. 

Submission Guideline :

Those who meet the above selection criteria should send their updated CV/Resume to our online application system. The selection process is fully competitive. Scores will be assigned as per below:

·        CV and Motivation Letter – maximum 35 points

·        Written test – maximum 30 points

·        Interview/personal attitude – maximum 25 points

·        Proposed daily rate – maximum 10 points.

The CV and Motivation Letter received scores 25 to 35 will be selected for a competitive written test. The top five candidates obtaining 20 to 30 scores in their written test will be called for an interview. The interview panel will include the FSSP Project Manager and AHG CEO and representative from the AHG HR unite. Interview results will be scored out of 25 with a passing score of 15. 

The finalist candidate will be requested to submit the original supporting evidence (contract/paystub/bank slips) to justify requested daily fee. The proposed daily rate is subject to negotiation based on the historical remuneration for similar work and pre-determined range for daily fees assessed for this specific position. 

Contract Type:





5-6 Years of relevant experience

Probationary Period:


Extension Possibility:


Job Location: