Finance Expert/Consultant

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job: Conduct an assessment of the bookkeeping and accounting system of the SMEs. For each SME, propose a system meeting their accounting/bookkeeping needs, assist them in building procedures, templates and a system that can fulfill their bookkeeping needs.

About Project

A Bright Future of Afghanistan program is a part of the Addressing Root Cause Fund (ARC) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands for the Youth of Afghanistan. The program aims to inspire the youth, to remain in their country, by matching jobseekers with employers, doing business incubation, support already existing (M)SMEs and make a contribution to the wider business ecosystem.  

The program is designed to serve the youth of urban Kabul in the years 2017-2021. A consortium has been formed that includes Cordaid as the lead organization, Bayat Foundation, Crosswise Works and Hamida Barmaki Organization for the rule of law to carry out specific assignments and responsibilities. 

The program serves in 5 outcome pathways (PW), namely, i) Employment ii) Business Incubation iii) Business Acceleration iv) Strengthened Ecosystem v) rule of law. The consortium partners have distributed the responsibilities as per their specialties. Besides other responsibilities of Cordaid in the programme, Cordaid is also responsible to implement the Pathway 3: Business Acceleration (PW3) intervention of Bright Future.  


Conduct an assessment of the bookkeeping and accounting system of the SMEs. For each SME, propose a system meeting their accounting/bookkeeping needs, assist them in building procedures, templates and a system that can fulfill their bookkeeping needs. The activities can be considered as

  • Analysis of their available systems vs their needs. Work mutually with the SME to find out improved ways and systems for their bookkeeping needs. Document and propose the new system to Cordaid and respective SME for implementation. 

  • On the job training and coaching for the key staff of all the SMEs on finance system, bookkeeping, reporting and booking using standard systems and templates.

  • Assist the SMEs to install and start using the revised or new bookkeeping systems either in QuickBooks system, excel or any other commercial software.  

  • Assist the SME to build the financial plan to incorporate into the main business plans that will be revised by the BDS experts/consultants.  

  • Assist the BDS consultant and the business in understanding cost of goods sold which are directly connected to the price of products. This will be considered as Finance Consultant’s contribution in the process of Business Planning. 

  • Any other relevant service to the SMEs as they come up.

Volume of work

The number of days are considered as working days only. The Finance consultant is to work on an average of 10 working days per SME (negotiable). The experts will be appreciated to co-work on some topics such as training of the key employees and owners. The whole assignment can be forecasted to complete in a matter of 3 calendar months starting later in June 2021. 

Job Requirement of Finance Expert (Consultant)

The activities are planned to be started 1st July, 2021. Based on the scope assessments, almost all the SMEs require advancements in their bookkeeping systems and financial reporting. These SMEs require basic to middle level systems either in books, excel or QuickBooks. Given the smaller setups of majority of the SMEs and unavailability of computers, installing or using Excel and QuickBooks may not be adaptable by few, hence, the expert to come up with possible solutions. This effort will lead the SMEs to have a revised and more realistic bookkeeping or financial system at the end of the business acceleration services by Bright Future. 

Bright Future will expectedly work for 10 SMEs to be onboarded by Bright Future. The finance expert will individually work with each SME to address their bookkeeping needs. Depending upon the needs of the SMEs, a call-off order will be raised and signed between the SMEs, the consultant and Bright Future. The consultant will awarded for a specific number of days to work for each SME as per the below table. Number of SMEs for the consultants will be dependent upon the demands of the SMEs

Milestone#Description of Activities No of days with 1 SME
1Onboarding and Training of the consultants
2Interviewing & visiting SME owners/key staff to understand the existing bookkeeping system, assessing the levels of skills and knowledge of the finance people, understanding the intention of SMEs to grow, needs of revising the finance and bookkeeping system.  
3Preparing intervention plan for approval of SMEs and Cordaid
4Preparing new or revised existing system, prepare templates for report and accounting  
5Train & Coach the concerned staff of the SME to use and maintain the new or revised system. 

Total # of days 10

The intervention will include classroom trainings, in the business venue coaching and tracking (tracking will be conducted by Bright Future’s PW3 team). Tracking will be done to ensure SMEs are able to use, are using and providing financial reports to provide the owners/Executives insight to help in decision making. 

Assignment Period and Duration

The Assignments will start beginning late June or beginning July 2021 and will last till end of October 2021.
The interested and capable experts are required to propose their expertise in Finance to Cordaid. Cordaid is slightly flexible to set the action plan mutually with the experts. The interested candidates are required to indicate the price per day (working day) while writing their applications or proposals. 
Additional number of day/s can be provided for final report, follow up support (if required by the SMEs and upon the approval of Cordaid. The applicants are not required to propose for the costs of training venue, stationary or other related expenses. The experts will be required to work on Saturdays if required, accepted and suitable for SMEs.

Terms of payment

Cordaid can release payments upon request and invoice of the consultants. The consultant can raise invoice upon the completion of milestones as per below schedule.

  • Milestones 1, 2 & 3 – 20% can be paid 

  • Milestone 4 – 30% can be paid 

  • Milestone 5 – 40% can be paid 

  • Milestone 6 (final report) – 10% will be processed.

For individual consultants, a 7% tax will be chargeable as per the Afghan taxation law. Consultants will receive bank cheques for their payments (net payments) 

Cordaid will facilitate in:

- Lunch, Refreshment while in Cordaid (Not on the field) 

- Power, Chair/Table, Wifi, Stationary 

- Due to limited number of vehicles, the individual are required to consider their own travel facilities (or taxi costs).

- No mobile expenses will be paid to consultants

- Printing facilities will be provided by Cordaid. 


For Finance training and coaching 

  • Master’s degree in business administration (finance majors) commerce, accounting disciplines etc., with 5 years of experience in training and building accounting systems of preferably private sector companies. 

  • The consultants will need to appear for interviews and recruitment process, they will be required to present their curriculums, presentations and samples of reports they have used or developed in their previous activities.  

  • Female experts are highly encouraged to apply with the openness and ability to travel to SMEs in almost all the districts of Kabul city (only).  

Submission Guideline

  • Interested Candidates are required to prepare and send short proposals to reflect their understanding of the assignments, propose methodology of work they will use for implementing and cost/fee for each working days and submit it online along with their CVs. 
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Kabul, Afghanistan

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