F45 Personal Trainer

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job:

We are looking for an ambitious, energetic, motivating, knowledgeable, charismatic F45 Personal Trainer to join our F45 Kabul South Team. The F45 Personal Trainer plays a vital role within the team, to coach Sessiones, manage a team of members, and deliver the F45 Experience to the community. You will also be working closely with the Head Trainer and Membership Manager to foster and retain current members, and welcome new members

The ideal candidate is energetic and enthusiastic​, ​with​ ​excellent​ ​verbal​ ​communication skills​, ​is​ ​able​ ​to​ ​overcome​ ​objections​, ​and​ ​have a​ ​willingness​ ​to​ ​grow and foster a thriving membership culture.

About 45

F45 Training, is the fastest growing franchise network in the world, has exploded in the last 4 years with over 1,750 franchises in 45 countries, and this is just the beginning. 

F45 Training is a global fitness training community specializing in innovative, high intensity

group workouts which are fast, fun and proven to get rapid results for members. Endorsed by

celebrities and athletes alike, F45 training’s commitment to innovation goes well beyond the

studio floor.

With an ever-growing suite of proprietary fitness and business technology, F45 Training

provides an unprecedented level of insight and control for both clients and franchisees.

F45 Training’s popular training method, together with its low-cost, highly systemized business

model has seen this fitness phenomenon explode across the globe, with over 1,000 franchises

sold across 36 countries in just 4 years.


Here is the list of duties that F45 Trainers will be doing as Full-time/Part-time employees:

·        To collaborate with and report to management team

·        To discuss daily, weekly, and monthly goals and concerns

·        To ensure that each member are getting attention during the session

·        To maintain the quality of training as its promised

·        To maintain the safety of clients and her/himself

·        To help people with getting the results they want

·        To create a warmed and friendly environment

·        To perform and demonstrate all the exercise in sessions with modification as needed

·        To pay attention to the client’s progress by having a proper track of their performance

·        To keep the members motivated and encourage the clients for team work-out

·        To create and manage a clean, organized, energetic, and fun studio

·        To keep him/herself updated on the new trainings conducted by F45 HQ

·        To assist marketing team if needed

·        To get familiar with all the technology used in F45 Studio and use them properly

·        To assist the Head Trainer perform fitness consultation

·        To lead the session as per the F45 Standards

·        To have the knowledge of human body, body types, workout types and their target area and muscle group

·        As priority, maintain self-hygiene

·        To do any other task given by Head Trainer


Here is the list of qualification we are expecting from the Trainers:

·        At least High School Degree while Bachelors of Science or any other relevant field is preferred

·        2+ years of training experience

·        Fluency in English, Dari, and Pashtu is preferred

·        Excellent written and oral communication skill

·        Excellent computer skill

·        To have the ability to speak loudly

·        To convey a large amount of information in a concise and clear ideas

·        To lead/direct  a large group of people in  way to be more fun and supportive

·        Ability to prioritize and meet goals in a fast-paced environment

·        A strong interest and passion for fitness industry

·        Be able to perform multiple tasks at the same time

Contract Duration:

Long Term


As Per NTA Salary Scale


3 months

Number of Vacancies:
6 Male and 6 Female