Electrician/Electrical Engineer

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job: We are looking for an experienced Electrician/Electrical Engineer to undertake a variety of tasks relating to setting up and maintaining electrical infrastructure. The electrician is required to monitor and maintain the electrical systems of the organization and ISP tower. The Organization is increasingly relying on a stable electricity system in all areas of their operations and decision-making processes. It is therefore crucial to ensure the correct running and maintenance of electrical systems. Also, collaborate with team members across all departments to assist them with their technical requirements. 


  • Installing solar/battery inverter systems

  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues with UPS or Solar systems.

  • Repair and replace defective components in motors, generators, controllers, storage batteries, switchboards, conductors, switches and varied electrical fixtures

  • Maintain procedures and reports that provide technical support to the entire organization.

  • Execute plans of electrical wiring for well-functioning servers, towers, lighting, intercom and other electrical systems

  • Install electrical apparatus, fixtures, and equipment for alarm in Data center and other systems

  • Install safety and distribution components (e.g., switches, resistors, circuit-breaker panels etc.)

  • Connect wiring in electrical circuits and networks ensuring compatibility of components

  • Prepare and assemble conduits and connect wiring through them

  • Prevent breakdown of servers, towers, and other electrical systems by routinely inspecting and replacing old wiring and insulated cables, cleaning circuits etc.

  • Perform effective troubleshooting to identify hazards or malfunctions and repair or substitute damaged units

  • Analyze records and logs to spot underlying trends and potential issues.

  • Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades.

  • Support the implementation of new solutions.

  • Establish UPS online accounts for towers and assist with password or login problems.

  • Test, evaluate, and make decisions about new electrical technology for the business.

  • Participate in business-wide meetings to provide insight into technical requirements.



  • Using computer-aided design and engineering software to create project plans and circuit diagrams

  • Designing and overseeing the installation of electrical systems in buildings

  • In-depth knowledge of UPS, Solar and other electrical systems.

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the latest electrical trends

  • Strong customer service ethos

  • Ability to work well with people

  • Strong communications skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Ability to quickly establish good working relationships with colleagues

  • Willingness to sometimes work unsociable hours

  • Patience

  • Enthusiasm for continual learning

  •        Troubleshoot problems and make timely repairs


  • Bachelor of electrical engineering or a related field.

  • 3+ years of experience in a technical support role.

  • Certifications are preferred, but not required.

  • Working knowledge and expertise with a variety of electric software, hardware, and applications.

  • Willingness to solve complicated problems.

  • Analytical skills to study problems and records and identify solutions.

  • Team-oriented attitude to help other colleagues and departments with technical problems.

  • Strong interpersonal communication and relationship-building skills.

  • Ability to manage time and effectively prioritize numerous projects at one time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or related field 

  •        Excellent English writing and speaking skills

Contract Type:


Employment Type:

Full Time

Salary Scale:

AS per Nta salary scale

Probationary Period:

3 Months

Job Location:

Kabul, Afghanistan