Audit Supervisor (Re-Announced)

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job:  The Audit Supervisor reports to Director/Audit Partner and will have direct responsibility for a number of audit teams as follows.


  • Perform audits for business operations, finances, compliance with policies and procedures. 

  • Oversee audit planning and reporting activities according to established policies. 

  • Supervise audit team to ensure quality and on-time delivery. 

  • Evaluate performance of audit staffs and provide appropriate feedback. 

  • Coordinate with team to review audit findings. 

  • Prepare reports with audit findings and recommendations. 

  • Evaluate current audit procedures and recommend improvements. 

  • Evaluate and enhance internal controls to improve operational efficiency 

  • Communicate audit status to management on regular basis. 

  • Discuss with management about audit observations, recommendations and actions to be taken 

  • Prepare clear and complete audit work papers and store them in department repository. 

  •       Analyze and resolve audit issues in a timely fashion.

Professional Conduct

  • Comply with personal legal liabilities and fiduciary requirements of diligence and care in carrying out the duties of Moore Afghanistan.

  • All Moore Afghanistan staff must act honestly in all the affairs of Moore Afghanistan and avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of Moore Afghanistan. Using a position in Moore Afghanistan or knowledge gained from Moore Afghanistan to inappropriately influence decisions or activities for their advantage, financial or otherwise, or for that of their family and friends or associates defines an unacceptable conflict of interest and is strictly prohibited at all times.  Individuals are expected to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the performance of their duties.  All secretariat staff must disclose, at the earliest practicable time, any possible conflict of interest to the CEO, whether it be actual or perceived.  If a staff member is uncertain whether a conflict of interest exists, a determination may be requested by the CEO.

  • All Moore Afghanistan staff should be aware of Moore Afghanistan’s core policies and Moore Afghanistan's commitment to high standards and best practice in all of its operations. The governance charter outlines the key principles that underline Moore Afghanistan’s strategic and operational responsibilities to social, gender, environmental and corporate integrity practices.

  •       Evaluation and oversight of effective and active implementation of Moore Afghanistan anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy throughout the department.



  • Candidates having prior audit experience with big four audit firms will be preferred. 

Contract Type:


Employment Type:

Full Time 

Probationary Period:

3 months


As per NTA Salary scale

Number of Jobs: