Audit Manager

Kabul, Afghanistan

Short summary of the job: The position reports to Director/Audit Partner and will have direct responsibility for a number of audit teams as follows


    1. Manage services to the clients, which include preparation of audit strategy, audit plan, setting budget, scheduling audits, selecting staff and assigning workloads.

    2. Coordinate with the senior management of the client to plan, execute and review findings of the audit.

    3. Participate in audit kick-off & wind up meetings with the senior management of clients and highlight areas of concern revealed by the audit.

    4. Schedule professional staff for various tasks required for execution of the assignment and review and approve planned activities/audit programs involving substantial fieldwork.

    5. Review all relevant documentation and information including organization structure, financial statements, internal controls and policy frameworks of key functions.

    6. Prepare all reports required under the terms of the assignment and resolve all disputes & issues with the client.

    7. Monitor and assure completion of engagements on time and within budgets.

    8. Finalize the engagement with the Engagement Quality Control Review (EQCR) team and the Engagement Director.

    9. Identifying ways to maximize the relationship with clients and deliver added value.

    10. Ensure quality of service to the clients assuring their satisfaction to the services provided, reviewing the work, coordinating with, development and on-the-job training of junior team members.

    11. Handle multiple jobs and successfully meet most stringent deadlines for various entities.

    12. Participate in internal strategic meetings, review performance & future goals and evaluate performance of team members against KPIs.

    13. Manage the recruitment of new staff and performance reviews of existing staff.

    14. Provide initial training to new employees and ongoing training to all employees of IAS, IFRS, client handling, business understanding and internal control analysis.

    15. Prepare proposals for professional service assignments against requests for quotations (RFQ) and professional service requests from clients.

    16. Undertake wider office activities, as required.

     Professional Conduct

    1. Comply with personal legal liabilities and fiduciary requirements of diligence and care in carrying out the duties of AHG.

    2. All AHG staff must act honestly in all the affairs of AHG and avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of AHG. Using a position in AHG or knowledge gained from AHG to inappropriately influence decisions or activities for their advantage, financial or otherwise, or for that of their family and friends or associates defines an unacceptable conflict of interest and is strictly prohibited at all times. Individuals are expected to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the performance of their duties. All secretariat staff must disclose, at the earliest practicable time, any possible conflict of interest to the CEO, whether it be actual or perceived. If a staff member is uncertain whether a conflict of interest exists, a determination may be requested by the CEO.

    3. All AHG staff should be aware of AHG’s core policies and AHG's commitment to high standards and best practice in all of its operations. The governance charter outlines the key principles that underline AHG’s strategic and operational responsibilities to social, gender, environmental and corporate integrity practices.


    ·       ACCA Member or ACCA Finalist
    ·        3 Years or above relevant experience 
    ·        Proficiency over Microsoft office.
    ·        Communication skills
    ·        Client and team handling skills

    Contract Type:


    Employment Type:

    Full Time

    Probationary Period:

    3 Months

    Number of Jobs:



    Kabul, Afghanistan